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Dragonfly 25

The Dragonfly 25 is a high-performance trailer-sailer, easy handling for camping- and racing sailors looking for an exhilarating lightweight trimaran which retains comfortable accommodation for weekend cruising with family and friends.

The Dragonfly 25 is available in two versions, a Touring version for family cruising and the more powerful and dynamic Sport version for racing in the fast lane. The boat is a multifunctional multihull and can easily be sailed and handled single-handed. You can keep the boat moored folded in a normal narrow marina slip or even drysail the boat. Set-up time for rigging up the boat on the trailer till you go sailing is approx. 2 hours for two persons.

Weekend Cruiser & Racer
7.65 m
Beam folded
2.30 m
Max. crew
4-6 people
Max. speed
21+ knots

Dragonfly 25 Videos

Design & Performance

The Dragonfly 25 is available in two versions, a Touring version for cruising with family and friend and the more powerful and dynamic Sport version for racing in the fast lane. The difference from the ‘Touring version to the Sport version lies in the mast, rig, and sails.

The powerful, high-volume floats extend forward of the center hull for maximum diagonal stability when reaching, and features a wave piercing float design, while the structure ensures a rigid platform for dynamic and responsive handling.

The Dragonfly 25 comes with the famous Swing-Wing system, which Quorning Boats introduced more than 30 years ago. The beam of the boat can easily be reduced from 5.80 m to 2.30 m in a matter of minutes, which allows the boat to fit into a normal marina berth and even into a 40 ft container.

The Dragonfly 25 is a multifunctional multihull and can easily be sailed and handled by one person. You can keep the boat moored, folded in a normal marina slip or even let it fall dry. The draft of the boat is only 35 cm, which also allows you to sail the boat into shallow waters or up on a sandy beach.

Setting the mast by using the mast setting gear, and launching the boat from the trailer, you will be out sailing in less than 30 minutes - even one person can do it. The Dragonfly 25 is easy to transport by road on a trailer. A Dragonfly 25 on trailer can be towed by any medium sized car due to its light weight of 1,600 kgs in total.

The boat offers two smaller cabins, where three adults can sleep, or two adults and two smaller children. 

The Dragonfly 25 offers you independency, possibilities, and lots of fun on the water.

Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen

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Best Boat "Small Cruiser"

Awarded by SAIL Magazine

European Yacht of the Year 2016

Winner. The European Yacht of the Year is a prize awarded and judged by 11 different European magazines, from 11 different nations.

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BOAT of the Year 2018

Dragonfly 25 Sport was awarded Winner at the Warsaw Boat Show March 2018

Stella! and the kegerator

Dragonfly 25 Sport participating in the annual Sarasota Multihull Regatta.

Southern Yacht Club, April 2022.

Text: Timothy Molony


To inform and illustrate recommended service, maintenance, and refitting on an older Dragonfly, we have drawn this general information sheet. Rough elements, like strong winds and wave conditions, strong saltwater and UV do have some impact on the boat after a long sailing life.

We strongly recommend servicing and changing vital parts on your boat according to our recommendations. This information overrules any other former information you may have, as the following is based on updated knowledge.


Visual check of all cables is still required when changing the rigging. When trailering the boat, we strongly recommend focusing on side stay cables, as these easily bend when stepping the mast. Bended side stay cables near the terminal may cause the side stay cable to break.

On all Dragonflys, please regularly check the forestay cable in the top by the terminal. When furling, the spinnaker halyard may block the forestay, which can cause failure of the forestay.


On all Dragonflys, we recommend re-stitching (sewing) along the seems of the trampolines every 6-7 years (in climates with strong UV, every 5 years). Normally, our clients change their trampolines after 10-12 years use.

Float deck teflon pad rings

On Dragonflys built after 1989, the white 5 mm Teflon pad rings on the float deck need to be changed every 13-15 years – this is neither critical nor structural. For easy change of these pads/rings, you just bolt off the floats from the wings.


Over the years, Quorning Boats has used the riggings links, so-called Quick-Links, in the Dragonfly production. When replacing these, it is of utmost importance to purchase links of same high quality or similar products carrying same strength (working load). Many products look the same, but do not carry the same strength.

Ordering parts

Original parts can be ordered at Quorning Boats at aftersales@dragonfly.dk

Common spare parts can be shipped within two weeks, whereas special parts and/or custom-made parts usually are served within 6-8 weeks.


Caution for all painted surfaces on the boat and mast

Painted surfaces may not be covered with Plastic or other non-breathable materials, as water and condensation can not be lead away from the painted surfaces, and these are not able to dry.
When water is stuck between the Paint and a non-breathable or non-ventilated material, blisters can occur between the paint and the gelcoat or the carbon sections of the mast.
Due to these circumstances, the permanent use of Ex. Matt-Fenders cannot be recommended, as water and Condensation can also get stuck between these and the hull, and lead to blisters in the Paint.

Quorning Boats can not be held responsible for Blisters in the paint occurred due covering the painted surfaces with non-breathable materials.


Parts ordered at Quorning Boats Denmark, will be produced in originally designed materials. Should you choose to order from other suppliers, please check that the same kind of materials are used – especially on the waterstays and other rigging parts, where stronger Dyeform cables are needed.

DRAGONFLY 25 (built since 2015)
Waterstays – every 10 years (max), or by 15,000 NM
Side stays and forestay – every 10 years (max), or by 10,000 NM
Diamond spreader stays on the mast – every 15 years

Owner's Manual

Please click here to see the Owner’s Manuals of the Dragonfly 25 


Length sailing 7.65 m 7.65 m 
Length folded 8.95 m 8.95 m 
Beam sailing 5.80 m 5.80 m 
Beam folded 2.30 m 2.30 m 
Trailer beam 2.30 m 2.30 m 
Mast section Touring version, Aluminium 10.60 m
Mast section Sport version, Carbon - 11.90 m 
Draft, board up 0.35 m 0.35 m 
Draft, board down 1.50 m 1.50 m 
Bowsprit length 1.40 m 1.40 m 
Outboard 6 Hp 6 Hp
Mainsail 24  m2 29 m2
Jib 10 m2 12 m2
Code 0 furling 28 m2 31 m2
Asymmetric spinnaker 46 m2 60 m2
Weight of standard boat, excl. extras 1,150 kgs 1,150 kgs
Trailer steel. Total weight, incl. boat 1,800 kgs 1,800 kgs
Fun factor 100% 100%
No of berths 3.5 3.5
Max. No of persons for CE-Category C 4 4
Max. No of persons for CE-Category D 6 6
Unsinkable Yes Yes

Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen




Dragonfly 25 - Virtual Tour
Dragonfly 25 (September 2016)
Dragonfly 25 second sail test
Dragonfly 25 test sailing
Dänische Spaßkiste Dragonfly 25
Dragonfly 25 mast raising
Dragonfly 25 Weltpremiere zur boot 2015

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