Dragonfly No. 1000! | Dragonfly

Dragonfly No. 1000!

Friday, April 8, 2022

We have been celebrating the production of Dragonfly no. 1000. This is a huge milestone for our yard to reach. The boat is a Dragonfly 25 no. 88, and have already left the building with it's new owners. So since it all started back in 1967, which is 55 years ago, we have build what equals:

  • 3.000 hulls which equals 27 kilometers of hulls.
  • If you put all rigging on top of each other they will reah out in the stratosphere 13 kilometers from the water level.
  • 54 kilometers of waterline.
  • 3.200 wings/beams constructions.
  • 120.000 squaremeters of sails (18 soccer fields).

On one of the pictures you can see the Dragonfly crew. We even managed to have the honor and possibility to have the founder of Dragonfly, Børge Quorning, on this picture before he passed away in the end of March, together with the team and following generations.

We are so incredibly proud and honored to have been able to build this many trimarans through 55 years of production. So thank you to customers, current and previously co-workers, suppliers, etc., who have made this possible through the years.

Below you can see the first Dragonfly ever build, followed up by our flagship and latest design in the Dragonfly range, the Dragonfly 40.

Let's go for the next 1.000 Dragonflys!