Multihull Academy | Dragonfly

Multihull Academy

Become a better Dragonfly sailor with Multihull Academy. At Multihull Academy we can help you become more at ease while cruising or racing in your Dragonfly.

We offer personal training lessons in your own Dragonfly suited for your needs and demands, whether it is how to get your Dragonfly to maximum speed, if you prefer easy-going cruising, or anywhere in between, such as:  

  • Sailing with spinnaker and code zero
  • How to optimise sail trim
  • Harbour manoeuvres
  • Training in rigging your Dragonfly

No matter your preferences, the training we offer is focused on safe and comfortable sailing for you and your crew.

We are a team of highly skilled sailors, with many years' experience in training and sailing Dragonfly as well as other types of high-performance boats. We offer our expertise in Dragonfly sailing to help you explore and bring forth the potential of your Dragonfly – because we believe that every sailor can become a better sailor. Let us jump into your boat and we will share every little detail, tips and tricks that we know to make sailing your Dragonfly even more fun and easy-going. For more information, please see folder below, or, please contact us.