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New Video of the Dragonfly 25

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Here during the week have we got the opportunity to test out the Dragonfly 26 in stronger wind, compared to what we had during her sea trial. The boat continues to live up to our expectations; the two rudder system seems to function well (the two rudder system is only on the Sport version, the Touring version will have a centre rudder), the boat feels stiff and she is fun to push to the limit. The new video which we have uploaded on Youtube will you be able to watch following this link. Here you can see how our new little baby performs, and commentaries from Jens Quorning.

Here in the early Spring you will have the possibility to see the new Dragonfly 25 at two different boat shows. One boat show is in Tulln, Austria, where you can meet our Austrian Dragonfly 25 dealer. This boat show is from March 5-8. The other boat show is in Denmark, Fredericia, where we will be exposing the Dragonfly 25 and a Dragonfly 28. This is in the last weekend of February (from February 27 until March 1) and the first weekend of March (March 5-8).