This is our little new baby | Dragonfly

This is our little new baby

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The mood was tense this morning when the Dragonfly team met at the stand; expectations for today were high and we were anxious to see how many people would actually show up at the release. Many of our dealers have taken a flight to Düsseldorf to see the big release; from France, the United States, Sweden West, Austria and the Netherlands. Fortunately, it turned out that we did not have to be nervous for the number of spectators at the release. More than 300 people watched the curtain drop today at 12.30 and that was way more people than we had ever hoped to see. Throughout the rest of the day was our new little baby filled up with people, and people were gladly queuing to come and have a look. The response has been very positive and many people have shown great interest in the boat. The immediate response from a Danish journalist was “I want one!”. This is a good indicator that we hopefully in the coming years will see many Dragonfly 25 sail all around the world.

Here can you watch a video of the release event.   

Above you can get a glimpse of the great atmosphere at our stand today at the release party. The picture is taken by Oscar Helgeson, Dragonfly dealer, Sweden West.