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Die Yacht test of Dragonfly 25

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Die Yacht, one of the biggest European yachting magazines, visited us about a month ago to test the Dragonfly 25. The wind conditions were very light, approximately 5 knots of wind, which is not the perfect sailing conditions for a test sail.

Therefore, we have been very excited to read the result; it’s like an actor or director reading the review of his play in the newspapers the day after the big premiere event. Die Yacht is not handing out stars in their tests like reviewers in the newspapers, but there is no doubt, after reading the test, that they are amused by the Dragonfly 25.

The journalist, Martin-Sebastian Kreplin, was impressed by the high quality, the speed, and the modern and ‘sexy’ look (yes he writes sexy!).

About the sailing skills he describes how the boat feel stiff and stabile to sail, and he likes the idea with the big outriggers, and the technical details such as the double rudder steering system and of course the swing wing system.

The only major point of critique is the price. Mr. Kreplin writes, that it was love at first sight, had it not been for the price.

But all in all, Die Yacht is happy, and therefore, we are happy as well. You can read the full test in Die Yacht in the newest issue, issue number 10.