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Dragonfly 32

This Dragonfly 32 comes in a modern and dynamic design - setting new standards in both function and design. The perfect combination between family cruising and racing - also offshore. Explore your dreams!

The Dragonfly 32 fills in the gap between the Dragonfly 28 and the Dragonfly 40. The Dragonfly 32 appears in two versions, the Dragonfly 32 Touring with standard rig, and the more powerful version with a taller rig, the Dragonfly 32 Evolution. The Dragonfly 32 accommodates a crew of 5 to 7 persons.

Performance Cruiser
9.75 m
Beam folded
3.60 m
Max. crew
5-7 people
Max. speed
23+ knots
“At 10-12 knots and 30° to the apparent wind, tacking close to the shore, the Dragonfly gave us a real demonstration! Some monohulls, close-hauled and grinding the winches, were quickly left behind”
Philippe Echelle - Multihulls World

Dragonfly 32 Videos

Design & Performance

The Dragonfly 32 comes in a modern and dynamic design setting new standards in both function and design.

The Dragonfly 32 offers fun and safe family sailing - and, has potential for serious racing and safe fast sailing at the same time. The floats of the Dragonfly 32 are designed even bigger - compared to our previous designs. This makes the boat more powerfull and faster. It is undoubtly on of the fastest boats in our fleet.

Like the other Dragonfly models, the Dragonfly 32 is offered in two versions - the Touring version with a shorter rig and the more powerful version Evolution with the taller rig. The Dragonfly 32 comes standard with a 30 Hp outboard - both a 3-cylinder diesel or electric drive engine is optional. The boat is equipped with a tiller as standard, but the cockpit has been designed and developed for wheel steering as well.

The impression of space below deck is striking. There is an abundance of working surfaces and the saloon is transformed by the recessing of the centreboard case. This is, among others, the fruit of the intelligent and thorough 3D design of the central module and the structural interiour moulding. The Dragonfly 32 comes with 6 full-size berths, all of 2 m length. Up front, there is a double V-berth, whereas the aft cabin offers a comfortable double berth. You get access to the aft cabin by sliding the companionway steps. In the main cabin, two bigger size easy-foldable single berths offer accommodation for two. The interior layout is standard fitted out in maple wood, whereas the luxurious teakwood interior is optional. The main dinette  table can seat 6 to 8 people comfortably. The galley is located central by the companionway and is highly-functional with good ergonomics. There are numerous cupboards; the lockers are equipped with clever guilotine fastenings which rationalise the stowage solutions and contribute to the overall clarity when sailing.

The boat offers full standing headroom of 1.93 m in the main cabin - 1.87 m in the toilet section.

The Dragonfly 32 has a nice big cockpit, which offers plenty of space and conviviality for the whole crew. All halyards and lines are led to the cockpit for easy and safe handling - perfect also for shorthanded sailing. The optional canvas "cabriolet" turns the cockpit into a genuine exterior saloon - an articulated bimini is also available for the hot regions. In harbour, a monohull's berth is sufficient to accommodate this decidedly atypical multihull thanks to the famous Swing Wing system, which Quorning Boats introduced more than 25 years ago. 

The floats are designed even bigger - compared to our previous designs - which makes the boat more powerful and fast. It will undoubtely be the fastest boat in our fleet. The Dragonfly 32 Supreme offers intense excitement in moderate breezes, but the Touring version should not be too far behind in most conditions.

The Dragonfly 32 offers fun and safe family sailing, it is a pleasure in use - and has potential for serious racing and safe fast sailing at the same time.

Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen

Reviews, articles & awards

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Multihull of the Year 2019

Dragonfly 32 Evolution has been appointed Multihull of the Year 2019 in the "Until 40 feet" category.

European Yacht of the Year 2013


Performance Boat over 30 ft. 2013

Awarded by Yachts & Yachting

Best Multihull 31'-40' 2014

Awarded by SAIL magazine


To inform and illustrate recommended service, maintenance, and refitting on an older Dragonfly, we have drawn this general information sheet. Rough elements, like strong winds and wave conditions, strong saltwater and UV do have some impact on the boat after a long sailing life.

We strongly recommend servicing and changing vital parts on your boat according to our recommendations. This information overrules any other former information you may have, as the following is based on updated knowledge.


Visual check of all cables is still required when changing the rigging. When trailering the boat, we strongly recommend focusing on side stay cables, as these easily bend when stepping the mast. Bended side stay cables near the terminal may cause the side stay cable to break.

On all Dragonflys, please regularly check the forestay cable in the top by the terminal. When furling, the spinnaker halyard may block the forestay, which can cause failure of the forestay.


On all Dragonflys, we recommend re-stitching (sewing) along the seems of the trampolines every 6-7 years (in climates with strong UV, every 5 years). Normally, our clients change their trampolines after 10-12 years use.

Float Deck teflon pad rings

On Dragonflys built after 1989, the white 5 mm Teflon pad rings on the float deck need to be changed every 13-15 years – this is neither critical nor structural. For easy change of these pads/rings, you just bolt off the floats from the wings.


Over the years, Quorning Boats has used the riggings links, so-called Quick-Links, in the Dragonfly production. When replacing these, it is of utmost importance to purchase links of same high quality or similar products carrying same strength (working load). Many products look the same, but do not carry the same strength.

Ordering parts

Original parts can be ordered at Quorning Boats at aftersales@dragonfly.dk

Common spare parts can be shipped within two weeks, whereas special parts and/or custom-made parts usually are served within 6-8 weeks.

For orders below EUR 100.- excl. VAT, we charge a handling fee of EUR 15.-


Caution for all painted surfaces on the boat and mast

Painted surfaces may not be covered with Plastic or other non-breathable materials, as water and condensation can not be lead away from the painted surfaces, and these are not able to dry.
When water is stuck between the Paint and a non-breathable or non-ventilated material, blisters can occur between the paint and the gelcoat or the carbon sections of the mast.
Due to these circumstances, the permanent use of Ex. Matt-Fenders cannot be recommended, as water and Condensation can also get stuck between these and the hull, and lead to blisters in the Paint.

Quorning Boats can not be held responsible for Blisters in the paint occurred due covering the painted surfaces with non-breathable materials.


Parts ordered at Quorning Boats Denmark, will be produced in originally designed materials. Should you choose to order from other suppliers, please check that the same kind of materials are used – especially on the waterstays and other rigging parts, where stronger Dyeform cables are needed.

DRAGONFLY 32 TOURING & SUPREME (built since 2012)
Waterstays – ever 7 years (max), or by max 15,000 NM
Side stays and forestay – every 10 years, or by max 15,000 NM
Beam stop cable to forward, outside beam under trampoline – every 15 years
Diamond spreader stays on the mast – every 15 years
Steering cables – every 5 years

Owner's Manual

Please click here to see the Owner’s Manuals of the Dragonfly 32 


Length, sailing 9.80 m 9.90 m
Length, folded 11.99 m 11.89 m
Beam, sailing 8.00 m 8.25 m
Beam, folded 3.60 m 3.85 m
Draft, board up 0.55 m 0.55 m
Draft, board down 1.90 m 1.90 m
Weight of standard boat, ready to sail 3,400 kgs 3,450 kgs
Payload max., incl. crew 1,200 kgs 1,200 kgs
Max. total weight, excl. crew 5,110 kgs 5,110 kgs
Water tank 120 l 120 l
Fuel tank, diesel  70 l  70 l
 Holding tank (optional)  60 l 60 l 
 Engine, inboard  21 Hp  21 Hp
 Mast section, over deck level  14.70 m  16.70 m
 Mainsail  48 m2 58 m2 
 Standard genoa  26 m2 29 m2 
 Asymmetric spinnaker 95 m2   110 m2
Code 0 57 m2 66.5 m2
Bowsprit length 1.80 m 2.00 m
Max. No of persons, CE-Category A 5 5
Max. No of persons, CE-Category B 7 7




Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen




Dragonfly 32 Evolution
Testing the Dragonfly 32 Evolution
Dragonfly 32 Supreme New Video
Dragonfly 32 Teaser
The all new Dragonfly 32
Dragonfly 32 Supreme

Read the Dragonfly 32 brochure

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