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Dragonfly 40 Timeline


We welcome you to our new flagship in the Dragonfly range - the all new Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser. Combining more than 50 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing the best production trimarans in the world, we have now set out to create our dreamboat. The Dragonfly 40 will set new standards for comfortable cruising in the fast lane in terms of performance, ease of sailing and handling with a smaller crew or even singlehanded. 

The boat will be available in two versions. The standard Touring version with self-tacking jib, and the Ultimate version with taller rig and larger overlapping furling headsail for higher performance.

Our unique Dragonfly Swing Wing system quickly reduces the 8.4 m beam down to only 4 m, without using tools, for easy docking in a single berth.

Wave piercing float design for safe and comfortable sailing, fixed bowsprit for easy setup of flying downwind sails and anchoring. The new Dragonfly interior design offers separate double forward and aft cabins, modern style galley and a spacious dinette to host your family and friends.

Please enjoy this pre-launch timeline and unfold your horizons.

Jens Quorning

Jens Quorning
CEO and Sole Owner of Quorning Boats


The Dragonfly 40 story so far...

We are extremely proud to announce that the Dragonfly 40 has been announced winner in the European Yacht of the Year 2021, in the Performance Cruiser category.
Please enjoy our highlights from the price giving, and some words from an extremely proud Jens Quorning.

The Dragonfly 40 is nominated in the fourth election of ‘Multihull of the Year 2021’, by Multihulls World Magazine.
The new nomination of ’Multihull of the year 2021’ tells us that the combination of the cruising- and performance concept is sought-after in trimarans and that sailing enthusiasts feel free and comfortable when sailing the Dragonfly 40.


We are extremely proud to announce that the Dragonfly 40 has been nominated for Best Boats 2021 in the US, by Sail Magazine.


We are extremely proud to announce that the Dragonfly 40, has been nominated for Multihull of the Year in the British Yachting Awards 2020.


Our flagship the Dragonfly 40 is nominated for ‘European Yacht of the Year 2021’ in the category ‘Performance Cruiser’, we are very proud of this nomination.
Test sails will take place in northern and southern Europe over the course of two or three sessions. 
The first session took place in Schilksee by Kiel, where four nominated boats in different categories were tested. 
Each boat is carefully inspected, combined with a three hour-long test sail with a journalist. 
Light winds were a challenge to show performance, however on one particular afternoon, winds were up to 15 knots allowing the DF 40 to perform with 16.7 knots with Axel Nissen-Lie from Norway.


Dragonfly 40 is finally rigged up, the mast stepped and tuned, and, the sails set for the maiden voyage. This is the moment we all have been waiting for.

Great first sail, boat is in balance, good trim, speed is fine, and, the wake behind the boat is perfect. The boat handles well and is easy to control, even single-handed, due to the four standard electric winches.

What a great experience.


We welcome the new member of the Dragonfly family, the all new DRAGONFLY 40. 

After more than two years of development, thousands of manhours and big investments, the day has come to launch our new flagship.

Charlotte Quorning, daughter of Jens and Lene, baptized the new Dragonfly 40 and welcomed all the new sisters to come. However, it was strange not to celebrate this in a normal way, due to the Corona pandemic.


World Premiere of the Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser at the boot 2020 in Düsseldorf.


After hard work and great team spirit by the whole Dragonfly 40 team during the Christmas holidays, the boat is ready to be packed for transport to World Premiere of the Dragonfly 40 at the “boot 2020” boat show in Düsseldorf.


A very big milestone for the new Dragonfly 40 – both wings and the SB float are installed for the first time and ready for the first Swing Wing test.

Everything went well and according to plan.

Subsequently, the trampoline and the Swing Wing block and cable system will be installed.


The first new Dragonfly 40 float with final metallic paint finish and antifouling, ready for deck hardware and inside final finish.

Almost ready for the big testing moment – to be installed on the boat


Dragonfly 40 deck section cut, sanded and ready for installation of all deck hatches, cabin windows and deck hardware.

Non-skid areas are protected for final finish.


Dragonfly 40 hull No 1 remains resting in the building jig to keep the original shape. We have tested the Dragonfly 40 deck section on the hull, and it looks like we did a great job. Now we are finetuning and adjusting interior and bulkheads to be installed before assembly late December. So far – so good!


Finally, we reached another big milestone – taking the new Dragonfly 40 deck No 1 out of the deck mould, which was a huge step in the process. Before taking out the deck from the mould, the complex headliner inside the deck roof was laminated and glued into place.


The new Dragonfly 40 float master plugs are almost completed by NEDCAM in Holland.

These plugs have been machined in a 5-axis CNC milling machine. On the photos you see the upper hull and deck section of the float.

The shapes and finish are of outstanding high quality. Jens and Jakob from Quorning Boats were on site, applying the special nonskid system.

In order to save valuable time, team NEDCAM  will also laminate the moulds, after which Quorning Boats will receive the complete mould system - ready for production.


The new Dragonfly 40 interior mock-up is beginning to look like something - many new details have been tested. The photo shows the center main cabin with the laminated centerboard trunk. Galley on port side aft. From the mock-up panels, we start developing the final interior in nice Elm wood.


The milling process for the Dragonfly 40 floats has started at NEDCAM in Holland. The first float plugs are being prepared for the final milling process. After this, a long process is still awaiting getting the high gloss finish.


The Dragonfly 40 center hull has been moved to our main assembly facilities. Centerboard trunk and hull stringers are laminated into place. The new hull innerliner is also installed, where the water hoses, tubes for heating, and special lightweight tubes are installed for running electrical systems.


The new Dragonfly 40 center hull deck mould is here finally - after thousands of manhours - ready for the production to start the laminating process of the deck for Dragonfly 40, hull No 1.

Gelcoat is applied and first fiberglass skin layer has been carefully completed. Now ready for next lamination process and foam sandwich.


Hull No 1 is now real, it is already painted in the final color and is now in the process of further development.

The biggest time consumer and complex mould part is for sure the center hull deck. As we speak, the mould for the deck is being laminated. Afterwards, the deck mould must be sanded and polished to high gloss finish.

In the coming weeks, our main focus is the center hull – to develop the internal composite parts, (inner liner) that gives the foundation and base for the interior parts as well as internal hull structure and centerboard casing.


The center hull mould has just taken “birth” from the master plug, and the hull mould is now being sanded and polished prior to final finish. Hull No 1 will start laminating process next week, and soon we show the GRP hull No 1.

The center hull deck plug is also almost at the final stage after several months of work, it and will be completed later in June. Then the deck mould will be laminated and polished, which will still take some time.

Besides the two major moulds, we are also working on all the other parts. We put a lot of manpower and energy into this project.


The Dragonfly 40 project is rapidly moving forward. Photo shows the plug (positive part of the mould) of the center hull. Our design team and boat builders are all working hard on this project.

We will soon start laminating the center hull mould, which is a time-consuming process getting the high-gloss finish that we want, before we can start laminating hull No 1. The center hull deck is already well on the way and will soon be ready for the final finish and details.


The new Dragonfly 40 is slowly coming to life on this 3D drawing.